A Christmas gift guide for your guinea pigs

Your guinea pigs bring you much love all year round, so why not treat them to the best gift for Christmas?

Look no further as we have listed for you 10 great gift for your little furry friends.

Let’s dive in!

A Guinea Pig Christmas Stocking

This beautiful stocking with a guinea pig embroidery will be the perfect decoration for your C&C cage. Do not forget to fill it with guinea pig treats! The bonus? It can double up as a cosy hideout for your little companions. 

guinea pig christmas stocking
£20. Kavee


A Pack of Healthy Treats

The ideal filler for their guinea pig Christmas stocking!

£40, Kavee 

A Rainbow Fleece Liner

A very beautiful gift that your guinea pigs are guaranteed to love. 100% love and snuggles. 

£29, Kavee shop

A spacious C&C cage

Nothing is too big when it comes to your guinea pigs' cage. Surprise them by upgrading their cage and watch them popcorn! 


 £147, Kavee shop

A cozy tunnel

A guinea pig essential! Your furry pets will love to snuggle in its soft fleece lining. 


tunnel guinea pig kavee christmas guide gift idea

 £16, Kavee shop

A cuddle cup

A miniature sofa for guinea pigs: the cutest gift possible! 

cuddle cup sofa bed guinea pig kavee christmas guide gift idea
 £18, Kavee shop

A bag of the best hay

If you have a small budget, you can still get a delicious treat for your guinea pigs by buying them a large bag of fresh timothy hay. They will devour it! 

 £7, Kavee shop

A Christmas gift card

And if you really don’t know which gift to offer your guinea pigs, why not opt for a Kavee gift card?  Valid in the entire Kavee shop!



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