Join us for our Weekly Instagram Live Series - "Let's Talk Guineas"!

Do you have questions about your guinea pigs? Maybe even a few questions about C&C cages or fleece liners? That’s okay because Kavee has created a new live event to help tackle some of your questions!

We are proud to announce the exciting launch of our new Live series: Let’s Talk Guineas!

let's talk guineas live instagram chat about guinea pigs @kavee_cage kavee blog uk

Where can I watch your live shows?

Our fun, interactive, live shows will be hosted by one of our team members on our official Instagram account: @kavee_cage.

What will the live shows be about?

“Let’s Talk Guineas” has been created in order to provide a safe, fun space to educate new and existing guinea pig owners. With the help of some fun guests, we hope to answer some of your guinea pig related questions that you may have, whether it is regarding care advice, or specifically about our products: we will do our best to answer!

When will the live shows be scheduled for?

Our live series will be scheduled on Fridays at approximately 6pm (GMT). For all our latest updates regarding our live event and anticipated guests, be sure follow our Instagram account for more information!

I've missed your live show, is there somewhere I can still watch it?

If you missed our live show or simply wish to watch it again, don't worry! We will be saving our live show directly to our Instagram IGTV so you can enjoy at your next opportunity.


Engage with us and join in the fun! See fellow influencer’s cage setups, meet some well-known piggies, and dive right into some Q&A’s. We’re sure there is something for everyone.

So grab a nice hot cuppa and end off the work “wheek” with us at “Let’s Talk Guineas”!

Expert live let's talk guineas instagram live chat @kavee_cage Kavee blog UK
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