Grow your Own Plants for Guinea Pigs: Easy to follow Guide!

Have you ever considered growing your own fresh food for your guinea pigs? Perhaps you are thinking of making your ve...

How Smart Are Guinea Pigs?

We know animals are smart, but how intelligent are guinea pigs? Read on to find out more…

Women Who Changed The Lives Of Guinea Pigs: Sarah

Sarah from Squeak dreams is our next feature in our spotlight series. Read on to find out more…

Women Who Changed The Lives Of Guinea Pigs: Clementine

To start off our spotlight series, Kavee’s founder Clementine explains her career journey so far…

9 signs your guinea pig really loves you

The signs may not be obvious but as social animals, guinea pigs CAN show affection too! They obviously won’t be sending you soppy texts or Valentine’s Day cards. But here are NINE tell-tale signs that your piggy loves you.

Top 12 Guinea Pig Noises and Sounds Explained by Experts

Sad? Hungry? Scared? Here’s how to work out what your noisy little pal is really saying….

Kavee X Amy Frances: Meet the Artist Behind Kavee's New Guinea Pig Collection

Kavee is proud to team up with fellow guinea pig lover and artist Amy Frances to bring you an adorable new range of fleece liners and accessories! Found out why we are big Amy Frances fans by diving into our Q&A with this very talented guinea pig artist.

Do Guinea Pigs Fart? All about Bloating

We love our guinea pigs to the moon and back but let's agree to say that they can be smelly little creatures! Not only are they masters at creating a mess in their cage but they can also scent mark. But, can guinea pigs also fart?

The Ultimate Guide to Foraging for your Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

Foraging for your piggies is not only a fun hobby or pastime but a great way to provide nutritious, vitamin-rich plants in your guinea pigs diet. Learn everything with this ultimate guide!

5 Ways Spring changes my Guinea Pig Routine

Spring is a happy time for so many reasons! As a guinea pig parent, I find that spring makes it a lot easier to provide top-notch care for the piggies. Do you do anything differently according to the seasons? 

Best Fictional Movies and Books about Guinea Pigs

Imagine a guinea pig super spy leaping from a tall building or, maybe a guinea pig asking for more veggies like Oliver Twist? What a world it would be if these things were real: fun to imagine but all fiction! When the weather is bad or you’re sat down for a comfy evening, why not curl up with your guinea pigs and watch a film or read book instead? We have done some searching and have found some great films and books that feature guinea pigs we think you might like!

Join us for our Weekly Instagram Live Series - "Let's Talk Guineas"!

Do you have questions about your guinea pigs? Maybe even a few questions about C&C cages or fleece liners? That’s okay because Kavee has created a new live event to help tackle some of your questions!
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