4 reasons to add a stand to your guinea pigs C&C cage

With so many options to choose from, you might be whether to pick a C and C cage with a stand or not. In this short article, we share some of the reasons why we think stands are an excellent add-on to your C&C guinea pig cage. 

Hinged doors, lids and gates on C&C Cages: how does it work?

Not all C&C cages come with doors, but ours do! Door-grids are very handy when it comes to allowing your pets to roam free or when it's time to clean the pen. They can be placed to create a lid, a single hinged door or a double gate. 

10 ideas to decorate your Guinea Pigs C&C cage with everyday items

Decorating and customizing your guinea pig cage is the final and most exciting part of setting up your C and C guinea pig cage. But creating a unique place for your furry pets should not have to require expensive supplies. 

How to clean a Guinea Pig (or Rabbit) C&C cage?

There are few things in life consistently triggering guinea pigs to popcorn, but cleaning their C&C cage is one of them! 

A guide to Guinea Pig C&C cage size 

With hundreds of designs to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to pick the right C&C guinea pig cage. So, which C&C guinea pig cage size is right for you?

Do guinea pigs need a house in their cage? 

Are you about to welcome guinea pigs and wondering how to create the perfect habitat for them? So, do guinea pigs need a house in their pen?
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