4 good reasons why using a stand with C&C cage

Does having a stand look pointless in your eyes? It might be because you were not told yet about all the benefits of a C&C cage with a stand. In our eyes, this accessory is key for 4 main reasons and that's why all our cages can be fitted with a stand!

Here are the 4 main reasons :

1. Ergonomy and cleaning

If, like us, you have back problem, a cage with a stand is a must. Indeed, if your cage is lying on the floor, you will be crunched when cleaning it, feeding your pet or playing with it. On the long run, it could be painful and annoying. So having a stand is pretty convenient and if your back problem are really severe, you could even go for a 2x height stand.

2. Taming

Did you know that a guinea pig is less scared if you are at his level when approaching? Indeed, if your cage is lying on the floor, you will look like a predator coming to attack him. It will be harder to build a trust relationship with him as it's instinct tell him to run away. Fitting a stand on you cage will help to reduce this feeling, allowing your guinea pig to observe you peacefully and get used to your presence.

3. Space

A stand is also a great way to save space as it creates storage zones under your cage. Using storage boxes, you could fit all your piggies stuff and even more.

4. Air flow

Lying on the floor, your piggie will be exposed to ground air flows. Although, guinea pigs are quite strong and resistant, it is preferable to preserve them from air flows. Using a stand with your cage will help to reduce their exposure to air flows.

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