Kavee Rescue Fun Facts

guinea pig on washing machine

Piggy Numbers

The Kavee Rescue is home to a whooping 80 to 90 guinea pigs at any given time. Just imagine the amount of treats we go through every day!

Most of these floofs come to the Rescue for some TLC before meeting their new piggy parents. Others have special needs, so they get to spend their lives on the Isle of Wight.

Kavee Cages

The Rescue’s setup includes 27 Kavee cages for male piggies, and one extra large cage for the sows. Yep, we’re sure you can imagine that that’s a lot of fleece liners to wash. It’s important our floofers have fresh, clean cages at all times.

amounts of food
amount of cages

Kavee Klean

To keep our cages wheeky clean, we wash around 10 to 12 loads of fleece liners and accessories every day. We also use up around 3 litres of Kavee’s laundry detergent every wheek. All to keep our piggies happy and healthy!

Kleaning Kages

And we’re not only going through a lot of detergent (and, actually, washing machines…). It also takes up most of our days to keep the piggies’ palaces clean. The large female cavy cage alone takes several hours to clean. After that, it’s treat time for hoomans and piggies!

two piggies
piggy in a home

Piggy Snack Attack

Guinea pigs are affectionately known as walking stomachs because they eat non-stop. Now, how much food do 90 piggies go through? Beware, the numbers may shock you! Every week, we go through 25 to 30 kg of hay, 15 to 20 kg of pellets, and around £80 worth of fresh veggies. Yes, we go to the store a lot.

Success Stories

And although we work from dawn to dusk every day, it’s all worth it when we match a piggy parent with their best furry friends. In 2022, we helped 70 sweet cavies find their furever home - it’s so special to be part of this journey.

piggies waiting for their cages to be cleaned


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