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Do you have any questions about our C and C cages or fleece liners for guinea pigs and rabbits? Please use our help center below and check our blog.

Under normal conditions, we usually prepare and ship orders in 1 to 3 working day. Once shipped, orders are delivered in 2 to 4 working day.

We deliver in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and other country in Europe and outside the EU. The shipping costs are usually 7. We also deliver in Switzerland, the US, Canada for 25€. If your country isn't on the list of available country, don't hesitate to contact us. 

No, not directly when you place an order but when you have your tracking number, you can organise a delivery in a pick-up point on your transporter's website. 

No, not for now, only the standard delivery is available. 

We accept payment by bank transfer, Paypal, Bancontact, Mister cash and Visa, Mastercard and American express credit card. 

No there is no deffered payment available. 

Usually between the order and the delivery you need to wait 3 to 5 working days. Note that this is different for Christmas stockings (only shipped as off November) and handmade accessories such as cuddle cups and tunnels which may take a few weeks.

Yes. Firstly you will be informed by email of your order's confirmation, then you will receive another email confirming the shipping. From that email you will be able to access your customer account and a tracking number will be given to you to keep track of your package.  

Yes. If you just place an order you can contact us the very same day at, the adress' modification or correction will probably be possible. Past 12-24h after your order, you will be able to change your adress on your transporter's website as soon as you receive your package tracking number.

Please contact us by email at and send us photos of the broken products within 7 days after the order's receiving. Please sent us also photos of the packaging (inside and outside). In any case make sure to keep every packagings in case we need any photos. 

If you think any grid is missing, please reread the product's description on our online store which lists every included components. If there is a discrepancy with what you have, send us firstly a photo of the entire cage so we can verify the installment. It is often a mistake of assembly which explain why some grids are missing to finish the C&C cage. For other problems, contact us at and send us a photo of the problem observed . 

Yes if possible . If you have just placed an order, you can contact us at and tell us why you canceled your order. Past 6 to 12h after your command, it will be probably impossible to cancel your order since it will be in the process of preparation or in transit. 

In order to remain eco-friendly we have decided to not print any assembly instructions so it's perfectly normal if you don't find them in the parcel. Don't worry, the assembly instructions are downloadable directly via the confirmation email that we have sent to you and/or via the QR code on the flyer in the parcel. You can also download them here

Designed originally for guinea pigs, the C&C cage can also be used for rabbits provided that there is a top. Rabbits need more space than guinea pigs so it’s preferable to choose a larger cage. The C&C cage’s loft is not designed for rabbits. 

C&C cages combine several characteristics appreciated both by animals and by their owners:

-more spacious than classic cage

-flexible and modular

-easily transportable

-fun, inventive and customizable

-easy to clean

More informations available on our blog. 

We invite you to check our blog ‘Which C&C cage is right for my guinea pigs?’. If you have any back problems, we advise you to choose a cage with a stand. 

C&C cages are easily convertible. When installed, the C&C cage is arranged similarly than an ordinary cage. The bedding can consist of hemp litter or fleece liners, but our C&C cage are more user-friendly with liners. Enliven the cage with a hammock and a shelter for your animal’s comfort and also toys to stimulate him/her and avoid boredom. To help you, you can check our blog ’10 ideas to decorate your C&C cage with everyday items’.  For more ideas and inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 

We strongly suggest that you do. Here are the main benefits of a cage with a stand:

-Ergonomic and easy to clean

-The animal’s taming

-Less space needed

-Exposure to draught

For more information we invite you to check our blog ‘4 reasons to add a stand to your C&C cage ‘ 

The top is only necessary if you have dogs and/or cats, if you live in a risky environment for animals (young children, …) or if the C&C cage is intended for rabbits or guinea pigs particularly prone to climbing. Beside these cases, we recommend keeping the C&C cage without a top in order to maintain an easy access. 

For your special projects, you can buy every one of our components separately: grids, door-grids, coroplast sheet, connectors. Don’t hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our expertise and advices for the realization of your C&C cage or simply for a quotation on demand, at

In order to remain eco-friendly we have decided to not print any assembly instructions so it's perfectly normal if you don't find them in the parcel. Don't worry, the assembly instructions are downloadable directly via the confirmation email that we have sent to you and/or via the QR code on the flyer in the parcel. You can also download them by clicking here.  

Guinea pigs are not climbers. However, they can go up and down a gentle slope. Our lofts are designed to be placed halfway up the grids which soften the slope and guarantee their accessibility. Our animals use the loft which made them exercise a little. But don’t forget that a loft doesn’t replace an adequate surface area. Be also aware that the cage’s cleaning is a bit more difficult with a loft. 

No but you can combine our coroplast sheets to make a larger coroplast floor. For more informations, you can check our page ‘How to use coroplast in a C&C cage for guinea pigs'? 

No. At Kavee we decide to propose solely flat edge coroplast in order to allow the animals to have an exterior view.  We are convinced that it’s an essential component for their well-being. 

To learn more about this subject check our blog ‘How to clean a C&C cage’?

This is an excellent question. At Kavee, we don’t trifle with security and animal well-being. We own animals ourselves et know their needs. We have studied, tested and designed numerous cage prototypes before commercialization, instead of stupidly copying existing C&C cage elsewhere.

How many coroplast and grids sellers can say the same? For example, can hardware shop? Certainly not. Quality and security have a price. It’s up to you to choose what you opt for.

What you risk finding elsewhere:

-grids whose sheaths disintegrate in case of biting (with a likelihood of ingestion)

-connectors that don’t hold grids together enough

-coroplast too thin that will bend and won’t be able to sustain your guinea pig’s weight

-coroplast that you must transform yourself, for better or for worst

-zero useful advice in the matter

As an example, we remind you that our coroplast has curved edges in order to avoid any chance of cutting of your animal and also ready-made notches to refold it. We assure you that you won’t find the same elsewhere. In the end, the choice is yours and we respect it of course.   

Yes of course. However, we advise you to check the grids’ size. To be compatible with our grids, they must be 13,8 inches long. Our coroplast are designed for 13,8 inches grids and are suitable for grids up to 14.5 inches long. 

Like for all cages, it’s possible that your animal gnaws his cage. However, your C&C Kavee cage materials are ready for this: in the event of coroplast nibbling, it doesn’t last long and our coroplast is non-toxic and indigestible. If they don't stop, you need to take actions by covering the edges with fleece or with plastic slide binder. After a while they will stop gnawing. As for our grids, bars are covered with a new technique called spray coating which will protect the paint from our voracious pet’s small teeth. 

Thanks to our thin meshing with small holes, our C&C grids are safe to use with baby guinea pigs. 

You don’t have to put something under the liner. All the information on the liners’ utilization are available on this page ‘The ultimate guide to using fleece liners for guinea pigs ‘.

It depends on the guinea pigs’ number, their habits and even on their diet (since some veggies will make them urinate more). As a general rule, we observe that liners must be changed every 2 to 4 days. 

Kavee is headquartered on the Isle of Wight, UK. Our logistic center is currently located in Belgium. 

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