PRESTIGE (10,5ft2) - 4x2 C&C Cage

Product image 1PRESTIGE (10,5ft2) - 4x2 C&C Cage
Product image 2PRESTIGE (10,5ft2) - 4x2 C&C Cage
Product image 3PRESTIGE (10,5ft2) - 4x2 C&C Cage
Product image 4Cavy Cage PRESTIGE - 1.40m..C&C Cage PRESTIGE 1.40m C&C cage cavy cage
Product image 5PRESTIGE (10,5ft2) - 4x2 C&C Cage
Product image 6PRESTIGE (10,5ft2) - 4x2 C&C Cage
Product image 7PRESTIGE (10,5ft2) - 4x2 C&C Cage

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The Prestige C&C cage 4x2 has been designed to house up to 2 adult guinea pigs. It offers a large living space and is easily adapted to your needs thanks to its modularity. Open and comfortable, Kavee C&C cages make it easier for taming, as well as for cleaning.

Our C&C cage is equipped with a smart correx base featuring locking slots. No glue, no tape, no DIY required. Our correx has been chosen for its strength and resistance properties that suit well with guinea pigs.

If you own dogs or cats, you may want to cover your C&C cage with a lid (each lid can stand a weight of 11 pounds maximum)

If you love to handle your guinea pigs or have back problems, the model with a stand might be interesting for you. In addition, it creates convenient space to store food or other stuff for your pet. 
For more information, you can read "why using a stand with C&C cage"


  • 55,1 x 27,6 x 13,8 inches  or (1.40 x 0.70 x 0.35 m)

Kit content:

  • Without/with lid : 12/16 modular grids, 0/4 door-grids, 24/34 connectors and 1 smart correx base featuring locking slots 
  • Assembly instructions in digital format (sent with the order confirmation email) 

Note: Our C&C cages are safe to chew and the grid coating do not wear off. Our C&C cages are not suitable for little babies smaller than 1 pound.


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