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The Real and Shocking Cost of Owning Guinea Pigs

If you assume that guinea pigs are easy, low maintenance pets, think twice! To help you decide whether guinea pigs are, financially, the right pet for you, we have put together a cost breakdown of owning two guinea pigs.

20 best ways to bond with your guinea pigs

If you’d imagined your new friends rushing towards you for cuddles from day one, you may be upset and surprised to see them rushing in the opposite direction instead!  At the start, it can be a bit unnerving to see just how anxious your piggy is in your presence but try not to lose heart. With tender loving care and patience, you CAN build a wonderful bond with your guinea pig, we promise.

The simplest way to cutting your guinea pigs' nails!

A lot of guinea pig parents often find the infamous nail trim session daunting! If that is your case, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to trim your guinea pigs nails so you can start conquering guinea pig spa day like a pro!

Check out our youtube channel

Check out these videos and get to know how great our cages are!

What make C and C cages the best cages for guinea pigs or rabbits

Fully modular

Adapt your cage in all circumstances

Adding or removing elements, increasing or decreasing the size, everything is possible thanks to the flexibility of our cubes and coroplast cages.

easy to clean

Cleaning has never been so fast

Our open cages are very practical to clean. When on a stand, our cages are ergonomic and favour the taming of your family pet.

very spacious

We guarantee your pet will just love it

Our smaller cage is usually twice as spacious as regular cages. For this reason, guinea pigs and rabbits simply love C&C cages!

Our mission: designing the best c and c cages

Your rabbits & guinea pigs' comfort and safety matter a lot to us. That's why we have designed the best cube and coroplast cages for them. Kavee's C&C cages : designed by engineers, approved by guinea pigs! 

Prefolded correx sheets with locking slots

Kavee's correx signature design

There is no reason why setting up your C&C cage should be complicated. Our smart coroplast cage's base features locking slots at each corner. They are also pre-folded. No need for glue or tape. Setting up a C&C cage has never been easier! 

Soft angles all the way

No room for scratches in our C&C cages

The sharp edges of correx can hurt your rabbits or guinea pigs and lead to skin injuries. We know all too well that piggies can be clumsy at times. That's why our C and C coroplast cages have been cut with soft angles whenever it was possible. 

Ramp with Gentle slopes

Easy on the back

Guinea pigs are no climbers! Their fragile back can get seriously injured when attempting to climb a steep ramp. That's why Kavee's cage ramps are designed to be fixed at mid-height of your C&C cage. 

our values

Get to know Kavee and what we stand for. Also read Kavee's story.

Animals first

Anyone who has no feelings for animals has a dead heart

Animal wellbeing is at the core of what we do. We love to think that our products improve the lives of thousands of small pets, at a time where sadly, many animal lives are exploited. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo to make things better. One example? Our low-edge coroplast allows guinea pigs to see the world instead of spending their life in front of a plastic wall. 

Diversity & Inclusion

>60% of our staff are minorities

Since the beginning of Kavee, we have committed to create a positive change in the world. We are honored to work with Manufast, an organisation supporting the work of people with disabilities in our supply chain. Beyond that, we always seek to collaborate with women or people of colour.

more than a cage: a service

We are in this together

Our mission is to guide customers in the great adventure of owning a pet. We do not just design C and C cages. We create the best products so that all you have to do is to relax and enjoy, knowing your pet is happy. Ask us any questions related to owning a pet, we will gladly help you out too. 

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