BLESS YOU! The Truth About Guinea Pigs and Sneezing

Guinea pigs make loads of adorable noises don’t they? But you may have also noticed another little noise coming from the direction of your piggy’s cage. Sneezing. 

The Definitive Guide to Floor Time for Guinea Pigs

Floor time enriches your guinea pig’s life, providing exercise and mental stimulation. Quite simply, they need floor time to live a healthy, happy life. Here are our handy tips for setting up floor time sessions which are safe and fun for you and your precious piggy. 

My Opinion: Do Guinea Pigs Smell?

They may be cute but the big question is….are they stinky? Here’s my honest answer!

Guinea Pig Colouring Pages and Board Games : Free to download

To celebrate Guinea Pig Appreciation Day, we have put together this free pack of colouring pages and board games for ...

How to Introduce your guinea pig to your dog or cat?

You might be wondering if you can have a guinea pig if you already have a dog or a cat? Well, it all depends on personalities but also on a successful introduction between the animals. In this article, we give you all the keys to a successful introduction between them.

The Genesis of Kavee: A Guinea Pig Love Story

Kavee founder and animal lover Clementine Schouteden isn’t just on a mission to educate guinea pig parents; she wants to improve the lives of guinea pigs globally, and it all started with her own precious piggies!

The Real and Shocking Cost of Owning Guinea Pigs

If you assume that guinea pigs are easy, low maintenance pets, think twice! To help you decide whether guinea pigs are, financially, the right pet for you, we have put together a cost breakdown of owning two guinea pigs.

20 best ways to bond with your guinea pigs

If you’d imagined your new friends rushing towards you for cuddles from day one, you may be upset and surprised to see them rushing in the opposite direction instead!  At the start, it can be a bit unnerving to see just how anxious your piggy is in your presence but try not to lose heart. With tender loving care and patience, you CAN build a wonderful bond with your guinea pig, we promise.

The simplest way to cutting your guinea pigs' nails!

A lot of guinea pig parents often find the infamous nail trim session daunting! If that is your case, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to trim your guinea pigs nails so you can start conquering guinea pig spa day like a pro!

All you need to know about guinea pig fights

Generally speaking, guinea pigs are gentle, uncomplicated little souls - quite content to potter about, munching hay and the odd dandelion leaf between naps. They’re sociable too, thriving on companionship with other piggies. But sometimes there’s trouble in piggy paradise.

How to keep guinea pigs in 2021

Daisy and Twinkle were the guinea pigs my sister and I were given as children waaay back in the 1980s! But the truth is that the way we look after our furry pals in 2021 is quite different to how my beloved 1980s piggies lived back then. Here are the main differences between ‘then’ and ‘now’. 

8 Emergency Liquid Food Recipes for Guinea Pigs

If you don't have critical care recovery mixtures available, it is important to still get something into your guinea pig's system. The longer a guinea pig goes without eating, the more detrimental to their health it can be. That's why we have provided some alternatives to help in their time of need.
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