A-Z Guinea Pig Glossary

Brush up your Cavy knowledge and check out our A-Z Glossary of Guinea Pig words and their meanings!

How Smart Are Guinea Pigs?

We know animals are smart, but how intelligent are guinea pigs? Read on to find out more…

Guinea Pig Happiness Checklist: Is your Guinea Pig Unhappy?

What makes guinea pigs truly happy? Read on to find out more...

Why is Hay so Important for Guinea Pigs?

Hay is an essential part of your guinea pig's diet. Read on to learn more about the importance of Hay.

What you should keep in your Guinea Pig Emergency Kit

We asked an expert : What should be included in an emergency medical kit for guinea pigs? Guinea pigs are one of the ...

Grieving the Loss of a Guinea Pig

Losing one of your little furry pals can be so tough but it is possible to cope with grief for your guinea pig as well as helping your surviving piggies move on too.

Calcium in Guinea pigs: everything you need to know

While Calcium is an essential mineral in your guinea pig's diet, an overload of it be harmful to their health. But a lack of calcium in your piggy’s diet could also be detrimental. Confusing isn’t it! Here’s our easy-to-follow guide to guinea pigs and calcium.

Males VS Females - Which guinea pig should you choose?

If you have no idea where to start on deciding on whether you should get boys or girls or even a mix of both - don’t worry! We’ve answered every question you can possibly come up with….

Recommended Guinea Pig Vets in the UK: Cavy Savvy Vet Maps

We have heard all too often that guinea pig owners struggle to find a vet that has the knowledge, skills and confidence to treat small pets. That's why we created a map of recommended guinea pig vets in the UK, by polling our community of guinea pig owners.

BLESS YOU! The Truth About Guinea Pigs and Sneezing

Guinea pigs make loads of adorable noises don’t they? But you may have also noticed another little noise coming from the direction of your piggy’s cage. Sneezing. 

The Definitive Guide to Floor Time for Guinea Pigs

Floor time enriches your guinea pig’s life, providing exercise and mental stimulation. Quite simply, they need floor time to live a healthy, happy life. Here are our handy tips for setting up floor time sessions which are safe and fun for you and your precious piggy. 

My Opinion: Do Guinea Pigs Smell?

They may be cute but the big question is….are they stinky? Here’s my honest answer!
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