6 ways in which C and C cages got better

C&C cages are getting more and more popular among guinea pig lovers, and rightfully so, being so much more spacious and fun than other cages. But did you know that C and C cages have been around since the eighties? They were invented in the USA and remained a niche product for some time. A few decades later, they have now become a prime choice of guinea pig habitats worldwide. 

Thankfully, in almost fifty years, the concept of C and C cages had time to mature, and the 2020 C&C cage has had a few upgrades from its 1980s version! 

Below are the 5 ways C and C cages have improved for your guinea pigs and yourself! 

6 ways in which C and C cages for guinea pigs got better 

1. Coroplast sheets are cut to size and feature locking slots 

Not too long ago, owning a C&C cage meant building it yourself with storage and signing materials. Thankfully, C&C cage brands - like Kavee - have professionalized C and C cages. The materials they sourced are exclusively produced for the unique purpose of hosting small pets. 

This means, for example, that the tricky step of scoring and cutting your sheet of coroplast is now over. Kavee's coroplast sheets are obviously cut to size but they also feature locking slots that make it super easy to build the bottom of your guinea pig cage. 

2. Doors, lids and gates can be created easily, thanks to C&C door grids

Easy access to your guinea pigs is a critical point in making your cage user-friendly. A beautiful cage without easy access to your pigs or the inside of the pen is simply a nightmare. This element will eventually limit the number of times you interact with your guinea pigs or clean the cage. 

For a while, it was impossible to have hinged doors and tops on C and C cages. This is now possible thanks to door-grids such as these ones, which are perfect to create numerous and wide gates, doors or tops on your C&C cage. 

3. C&C grids are safer and suitable to baby guinea pigs

Thanks to our thin meshing with small holes, Kavee's baby-proof C&C grids are safe to use with baby guinea pigs and guinea pigs of small size.

4. C and C cages for guinea pigs are now available in many countries 

Once upon a time, buying a C and C cage outside of the USA was impossible or complicated. This is now possible thanks to global brands like Kavee, shipping to many countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and even Australia. 

5. Prices of C&C cages went down 

With more companies now offering C&C cages for guinea pigs and rabbits, the price of a C and C cage went down significantly, with cheap complete C and C cage kits

6. C&C cages go hand in hand with easy-to-find fleece liners 

Just like C and C cages, fleece liners are the future of guinea pig care. This type of bedding is not only dust-free (which makes them healthier for your pets), but guinea pigs are also massive fans of its comfort. Last but not least, it is an eco-friendly alternative to wood shavings and other disposable beddings. Finally, they create no mess in your house - in contrast to traditional wood-shavings. 

Buying a C and C cage together with fleece liners is a brilliant combo that will keep your guinea pigs happy and healthy. This is now very simple thanks to brands like Kavee offering both cages and fleece liners in their online store.


C and C cages are definitely an excellent choice for your guinea pigs. They have become better over the years and are well worth a try if you are committed to creating a palace for your beloved guinea pigs. 

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