What are C&C Cages for Guinea pigs?

C&C cages are becoming an increasingly popular option to keep guinea pigs. But what are they? And what makes them so great?  

What are C&C Cages? 

C&C cages are a concept of cages for small pets - mostly used for guinea pigs and rabbits. They were invented in the 80's in the United States and have since conquered the world! They are regularly mentioned as the best type of cage for guinea pigs. 

What does C&C cage mean? 

C&C refers to cubes and coroplast. The cubes are grids panels made of powder-coated steel. They constitute the frame of the cage. Coroplast is another name for corrugated plastic, which is used as the cage bottom. It comes in a variety of colours. 

What's so special about C&C cages? 

It is no surprise than C&C cages are becoming more and more popular. They combine several great features and are highly appreciated by both pets and pets owners. 

cc c&c c and c cage guinea pig best cage for guinea pig kavee uk

Here are some of them: 

1. C&C cages are spacious.

This is the number 1 reason people love C and C cages. As you can see below, even a 'small' 4x2 C and C cage - recommended for two piggies - is way bigger than a conventional cage. It is also way more than EU or UK minimal recommendations, which we consider too small to ensure the wellbeing of your guinea pigs. As a matter of fact, C&C cages provide at least 8 square feet of living area, twice more than traditional cages. Here is a cage that finally guarantees guinea pigs a real quality of life, as recommended by vets.

size guinea pig cage c and c cage cc cage kavee uk

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2. C and C cages are flexible 

Just like legos, you can add or remove single panels to your cage very easily. This allows you to continually adapt the size of your cage to your needs and wishes. You can decide to make it bigger, smaller, create compartments, add a lid or a stand, have it L-shaped, etc..You can even use your C&C cage to create an outdoor pen without having to buy one.

c and c cage grid outdoor use Kavee guinea pig uk c&C

3. C and C cages are foldable and can be stored flat

You can entirely disassemble your C and C cage and store it flat. Very handy when you have a small living space. For this reason, C and C cages are also great for travelling with your pigs and for outdoor use too.

4. C&C cages are fun and creative 

No other cage better allows for your creativity to flow. C and C cages come with ramp and loft. You can decorate it to your taste, with garlands, hair clips, etc.. and line it with beautiful fleece liners and ramp covers.

best beautiful guinea pig cages uk Kavee C&C cage C and C cage decorated


5. C and C cages are easy to clean

Because most C and C cages are open cages, without a lid, they are very easy to clean. It is also effortless to interact with your guinea pigs. It is strongly recommended to buy a C and C cage with a stand to improve its user-friendliness, as well as creating some storage space under the cage. There also exists door-grids, rotating 180 degrees, which are perfect to create doors, gates or lids for your C and C cages. 

6. C&C cages are easy to assemble

It is straightforward to assemble a C&C cage as well as adding or removing C and C grids. Coroplast sheets now come cut to size with locking slots. No tools or connecting pieces are required for the setup.

7. C and C Cages with a stand speed up the taming of your guinea pigs

C and C cages with stands are such a blessing. By having your guinea pigs at the same level as you, your guinea pigs will be less skittish, and this will speed up the time it takes for them to be comfortable with you.  

A stand also creates some storage room under the cage, to store your piggies' supplies. 

Need guidance in choosing the right C and C cage? Check our C and C cage guide size or our decision tree on picking the right C&C cage for your guinea pigs.  

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